Start with Android: Overcome your fear to learn

Do Apps fascinate you? If your answer is “YES”, but you get afraid whenever you look at the big, complicated IDE’s or don’t know how to start from scratch, then this Blog will help you to overcome above problems. If your answer is “NO”, that’s okay! at least you can take a look at this Blog. Though I don’t have a YouTube channel about making apps in IDE’s if you are thinking. Let me start by introducing myself, I am B Tech Second year student from Bennett University.

It started in starting of my last semester, my friends were taking online courses on Data Science, Machine learning etc. Though these topics are popular and very good as my friends say but honestly, I did not feel satisfied while taking these courses. I had no idea which course would suit me. Then One day, a workshop about Android apps held in my University in which I enrolled myself without knowing even the name of the workshop. The workshop was good. But the best part was when they were creating a small Login page in Android Studio. It was so good and looking simple watching making the login page. But Android IDE looked very complicated at first. That is the worst fear when you first start with Android project. The question is how to start with Android apps.

STEP:1-YOUTUBE videos/Research

Initially look for the Android Apps playlists on YouTube and go through all the videos in that particular playlist which suits you best. If any Android Developer is known to you, you can contact them and asks them about how they started with Android Development or you can check out Google’s android website or any other website where it is clearly explained. If any doubt occurs to you, go and resolve the doubt on Stack Overflow website. The best of learning is peer to peer. You can take help of your friends and can make a small project with them in collaboration. If you are a student then talk to your teachers, take online courses on Coursera, Udemy etc.

STEP:2-Start with Android

Congratulations! You have completed step 1. Now, to start with Android you need IDE where you can make apps. You can choose any of the IDE Android Studio or Flutter. Both are very good in their own way. I prefer Android Studio. At first, it may look complicated but you will get hands on after a week of exploring the features it has. Go to the step 1, pick a video of a small project and with the help of that video, try to make the exact same thing. Remember don’t go in detailing. Just start with making simple things like creating simple login, registration page and add simple features in it. Always refer to a YouTube video in case you get stuck somewhere. Practice often, explore IDE. It may take 2–3 months to know any IDE.


If you have completed step 2 then you can start with adding details in your project like fonts, shape, color, background. This can be very challenging at first but in time you will learn. By adding details, you can make look you project more beautiful and eye catching. At this point, you can start working on firebase database to store, write or retrieve information. You can use any database of your choice like MySQL, firebase or any other database. You will get know to about real time database, cloud database in Android Studio. It may be difficult for you to write a code for making a project. But do refer a video whenever you get stuck. Whenever you design something in Android Studio, then don’t go for writing a code first, start with designing, split the portion and check what it is in code.

Though I am not a pro in Android Studio. I am still in learning phase. Below is my and my teammates work (Archit & Rishi).




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